Friday, July 6, 2012

Pushing Dirt

With this heat, I certainly feel for the crews out there!  I haven't made it out to the site since Tuesday (perhaps this weekend) so photos will be forthcoming!

The waterproofing is complete!  At the time of the afternoon update, they were getting ready to backfill so that portion should be complete as well.  They are hoping to have everything prepped and ready for inspection on Monday or Tuesday which means the basement slab could be poured on Wednesday.  No ETA on the lumber yet but the framing should start soon!

In light of my confusion earlier this week, I finally reversed the floor plans.  I don't have any excuses now!


  1. I like how you added "Our" to your floor plan!

  2. Ours is a reverse plan too so thanks for sharing.... It's so hard for me to picture!