Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Demonstration and Inspection

Tuesday has proven to be a very busy day for us.  We knocked out the final walkthrough (aka demonstration) and home inspection, received a preview of our Settlement Statement (HUD-1), and even did some window shopping at Ethan Allen for a nice desk.  

I am soooooooo excited to finally get a P.O.R. shot without the blasted dumpster.  In our excitement, we forgot to get a new rear picture to add to the progressive GIF but it looks like the appraisal picture with painted foundation that matches the siding. (edit:  A new rear photo was taken on 28 September and added below) The progressive GIF for the front has GIFs for both the front and back have most definitely been updated (see Timeline post).

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Appraised (Twice)

Getting an appraisal can be exciting for a new house build but do not forget to read it over in detail.  Last week the first appraisal came in barely over the sales price which we thought to be very convenient.  It turns out that the initial review was done in early July prior to any framing and with the wrong floor plan and options.  In the span of one week (time to perform and process a new appraisal), our gross living area increased by 734 sf (still missing 206 sf) and the appraisal increased by $12K.  Our attic is marked as "scuttle" versus "stairs" which may be in reference to the unfinished attic space and not the finished space (this is maybe a "bonus room" rather than an attic?).  We also did not get credit for our partial porch but are opting not to reject the second appraisal and ask for yet another revision for fear that it will push back our closing (28 September!).  We did document the discrepancies and sent them to NVR so it's on record.  This will also be a topic at closing.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Blue skies

Here's a special treat--an early post during the week!  The last time the boss-man came out to visit (Long Lunch ...with the Boss) was back in July so he's been long overdue!  Thanks, B, for coming out today!

Scaffolding?  What scaffolding?  The exterior stonework is complete and it looks awesome!  I can see my porch!!  I am still annoyed that I cannot physically move the dumpster that is obstructing my POR shot (me = massive weakling).  I need a new image to add to the progressive gif!  #pout   The last two shutters still need to go up but the carriage lights by the garage have been installed ... and holy cow, I just noticed from the picture that the garage has been cleaned too! 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

one hour

What a difference an hour makes!  When we arrived at the house this morning, the bright blue skies and warm summer sun gave promises of a beautiful day.  We, however, knew a major storm front would be rolling through later that afternoon and after one hour exploring the house, the clouds started rolling in.  This was a fantastic opportunity to see the siding and stone in different light.  I happened to get pictures upon arrival and departure, not because I was consciously thinking about the light but because I am a shutterbug and couldn't help myself.  For those of you contemplating Silver Mist siding, Almond trim, Black shutters, and/or Aspen field stone, enjoy the happy accident!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

'shrooms and truffles

The vanity faucets finally arrived so another trip was made this weekend -- not that we really needed an excuse to see the house again.  Not much has changed to exterior except the addition of a driveway, doorbell, and some exterior lights.  The interior, however, is another story.  We have electricity, which means the lights and the AC are on!  The attic is still rather toasty but that might be because the access doors were open and one of the vents was covered (hoping that's the case!).  

As for the tiling, most of it is complete but still left to do are the powder room floor and the kitchen backsplash.  This means the plumber can start putting in the faucets and shower trims soon.  Our awesome PM also surprised us with ordering bronze accessories (versus the brushed nickel); the toilet paper holders were installed last week along with all of the closet/pantry shelving.  

Along with the exterior lights (flood lights, door lights), the electrician(s) hung our separately purchased fans and lights as well as the RH-supplied dining room chandelier and some of the bathroom lights.  The vanity lights are slightly different from some of the ones I've seen posted so that was a (nice) surprise as well.  (edit:  lights are "Renovations" by Progress Lighting)  We were told one of the fan globes was broken so we replaced it with the new one.  The store only had white versus amber but it's not that big of a deal.  I have no idea what the foyer light will look like and am excited to see it hopefully by next weekend.  We also tested out a bunch of the switches to see which controls what lights.