Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"Redi" or not

It's a strange feeling not being at work because of the move and settling in and I find that I need to take more time off more often.  This is nice!  Next week I head back to the office and then it's likely late evening posts for me again.  However, since I'm home this week and my art/craft area is 50% complete and begging me to use it, I thought I'd give toss in a simple crafty idea but first, some background:

Privacy won out over waiting until we get the nice blinds for the 72-inch windows so at roughly $8 a piece, we purchased the white 36x72 light-filtering, temporary Redi Shades and cut them down to the correct width (I opted for 34.25 inches).  Before you go running off to buy these, please note that the tape WILL pull off bits of your drywall when you are ready to take them down.  If you don't want to spackle and repaint later, this is not recommended.  I'm pretty familiar with the putty knife and paint brush so I don't mind.  If you decide to go forth and spend the big $8, make sure you have a brand new blade in your utility knife so as to get the smoothest cuts.  Also ensure you keep the pleat facing you so the shade hides the taped piece and gives a nicer appearance.  (I put one in backwards and this is where I learned it will damage your drywall.)

Monday, October 8, 2012

furnishing in progress

The best part about moving into a new house is filling it with goodies.  Sometimes there are just too many lovelies out there to make a decision (although sometimes the corresponding price tag helps you with that).  Stores are evil.  Everywhere I turn, I see something that catches my eye and if I purchased all that I liked, I'd have one gigantic eclectic mix.  Each room could be its own genre with a distinct color palette and if you had to ask me to choose one coordinating color for the house, I'd be up at all hours of the night agonizing over the decision.  My problem (well, one of them at least), is that I love, love color and cannot make up my blasted mind.

The recent shopping spree has me all giddy and makes my heart go pitter-patter.  OR perhaps that's the sticker shock!  I'm excited to fill the house with grown-up stuff (albeit slowly) and donate the old teenage/college/starter furniture to others.