Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Earth Moved ... a little

We were out and about on Saturday and decided to make a detour to get a few quick pictures. Maybe it was presumptuous to think that the crew would have completed the backfilling by Friday evening but we were a little surprised.  The good news is that the dirt was pushed around a bit (by the stoop) and we have rocks in our drainage ditches around the foundation.  There's a layer of black (not sure if it's tar, liquid rubber, or asphalt emulsion) on the foundation walls that are directly opposite the living spaces and will be touching earth but no rubber wrap yet.  Hoping on Monday.  (edit:  they won't be wrapping)

Judging by the black, the right side of the house will have a pretty steep grade, which we expected but the left doesn't look like it starts sloping until beyond the garage.  I wonder if it's higher because of the holes they patched (recall the dots from Tuesday's post).  We'll add this to the list of questions for the PM. (edit: the slope of the tar will be the grade)




I still need to downsample the photos from today's spontaneous trip to some place that's NOT our lot.  Hopefully, I will have time to post them tomorrow.

Here's your hint!

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