Modeling: The Courtland Gate struts its stuff

We were lucky enough to find model homes in two other communities.  Neither have a finished attic but Model#2 does have the luxury owner's suite.  We have yet to find a house with Elevation D with a double-columned porch.

Model #1

Courtland Gate - Elevation A with full front porch.


The entrance for the steps is between the foyer and kitchen.
At the bottom of the stairs and to the right, is typically the "Exercise Room."

Opposite the entrance to the Exercise Room are (starting from the right side of the image) a full bath, utility room, and opposite the large frame and vent is a closet. Bathroom options include:  none, rough-ins, half, and full.

In the panoramic image above, the basement entrance and closet are to the left.  To the right of the game table is a double-patio door with double-welled exit. 
optional wet bar under the optional morning room
To the right of the bar, is the coveted media room.  This room includes the four-foot extension from the family room above.

The model also includes stadium seating, although it's difficult to see in the image.

I've fallen in love with the direct set balusters with the stained steps and white risers.
The two-story foyer will be lost with the addition of the attic to make room for the second flight of stairs.  At least now I'll be able to easily clean the window.  Judging by the elevation picture, the window will drop and be arched.  Looks like a perfect place to put a bench!
The half bath is just beyond the foyer and prior to entering the kitchen.
Beyond the kitchen on the left is the dining room; to the right is the morning room. These two windows (only one is visible here) are optional--we opted!
Open floor plan - the kitchen, morning room, and family room. With the addition of the luxury bath, you lose the peaked morning room and half-round window. We're willing to compromise for a dual-headed shower and a larger laundry room.
Our fireplace will look much like this and match our exterior stone veneer. We're also adding windows on either side of the fireplace.
The garage leads into a small mud room with a seating nook and closet.  The floor plans suggest an actual seat but we're not sure if that's an option or not.  The sales office (garage) is just down the steps to the left.
As you enter the house, the study is to the right.  I love the look of the French doors with the transom.
Opposite the study is the living room, which connects to the dining room located at the back of the house.  The columns between the two rooms are optional.
The two side windows, bay window, and tray ceiling are all options. in the dining room.
The two side windows are optional in the living room as well.


There are two front-facing windows in Bedroom 2, which sits directly above the study.  The roof of the garage can be seen through the window.  Bedrooms 3 and 4 have similar closets (not shown in the pictures below).  This room can have an optional connected bathroom which then adds another walk-in closet in the Owner's Suite.
Bedroom 3 is what I call the obligatory Pink Room. This room is the reason why I am going through numerous paint chips trying to find not one, but two perfect shades of pink for my little girl's new room.  (thank you for the extra work, future accent wall)  This room is also at the front of the house and the single side window is optional.
Bedroom 4 is the rear bedroom.  with an optional single side window.
Next to Bedroom 4 is the secondary bath, which is long and narrow.  The second vanity is optional.
On the right side of the bathroom is a decent-sized laundry room -- the right-hand wall is just on the other side of the doorframe.  With the luxury suite, the right side opens up enough to fit another washer/dryer set.  We need to verify if the cabinets are floor- or wall-mounted.  A utility sink is optional with the upgrade.
From the hallway, beyond the French doors is the owner's suite.
To the left, is the rear of the house.  The bathroom is through the door on the left in the picture.

The bathroom pictured is part of the standard layout but with an upgraded corner tub.  In the image above, the bathroom also features a linen closet (not available in the luxury suite), private toilet, and walk-in closet
Corner tub with optional jets
Just opposite the bed, is the sitting room and to the right of this area is another walk-in closet.  With the luxury suite upgrade, the bathroom is moved over the morning room to make room for a larger laundry room and a singular walk-in closet.  The sitting area moves next to the bathroom entrance.

Model #2

Courltand Gate - Elevation E with flat porch

I didn't take quite as many pictures of this model since the layout is very similar.

Wet bar beneath the morning room
additional living space.  Note the lack of exit (no egress window, welled exit, or walkout) and the bulkhead for the HVAC duct
Instead of a media room, this area was left unfinished for massive amounts of storage


angled hallway from the foyer to the family room
Family room with various options:  4-foot extension, center window (rear), 2 side windows, fireplace
Mudroom bench (note: You can ask your PM to not build this)  To the right of the bench (not shown) is the coat closet.
Reinforced shelving in the kitchen pantry
Options:  double wall ovens, extended island
Morning room (note:  if the luxury owner suite is chosen, the ceiling goes from vaulted to flat.


Secondary bathroom (note: the second sink is an option)

With the luxury suite, the other side of the laundry has cabinets and counters.  Cabinetry should match the kitchen selection but you might be able to get a nonstandard request to get a different finish (in the same price category).

View into the owner suite
Note:  You only get the 2-ft bump (and second walk-in, not shown) on the left with the full bathroom option in the second bedroom.
Sitting room (note:  this is much smaller than with the standard suite)

Sink #1 (entrance is via the door shown)
Corner tub and Sink #2
Beyond the archway to the left, is a towel bar (not too exciting).  To the right is the toilet enclosure (WC).  The shower comes with two corner seats and two shower heads.  (Note, you cannot have corner shelves over the corner seats)
Itty bitty window in the toilet room (WC) for some natural light


  1. Wow! This home looks fantastic! I love the interior design and upgrades! You picked a winner!

  2. The model in our community is a Courtland. It is a very lovely home! I especially love the size of the Family Room and Morning Room.

  3. OMG... this Courtland model is gorgeous!

  4. Lovely Home...I am buiding a Courtland Gate, it should be completed in late July. I meet with my PM in two days is there any questions I should ask?

    1. Dee, where are you in the timeline? Will this be for your pre-construction meeting?

      If so, I have some Q&A from ours:

      I don't have it bookmarked but somewhere in Sgt. Rich's vast blog is a super list. The least I can do is point you to his main page:

      If you are getting the finished attic, inquire about the blueprints and see if they've finalized everything with the structural engineer. The CG was just released when we picked it and RH had to redo the prints for the first floor staircase and we're encountering some settling issues in the attic itself.

      If you are getting the luxury owner suite, verify that you're getting dual shower heads with corner seats or a single head with a bench. The current documentation on the web has shown both. They told us no on the dual heads and we showed them their plans that were available on the web and were able to argue our case for them. Also with the luxury suite, ask if they can have the laundry door swing out instead of in. I have some items documented but have been very neglectful in adding to the "Useful Nuggets" page. (

  5. Anj Thx for the helpful Q&A's. We met with our PM a few weeks ago for the Pre construction meeting. A couple of days after they starting breaking ground. We upgraded to the Lux Owner Ste.. I double checked on the dual shower-heads and bench and I was told they are included in the upgraded option of the floor plan. Great idea about having the Laundry room door swing-out, I will have to ask if they can revise the door. Also my SR said the laundry room will have cabinets and countertops. She said the cabinets will be the same as the kitchen cabinets but the countertops will be laminate. I noticed most of the models I have seen have granite in the laundry room so I am still looking into this. We also upgraded the kitchen with morning room. I am confused about the number of windows In the basement. I would have loved to have a window in the exercise and media room. I know the CG is a new model and I am trying to make sure we are getting everything we are suppose to get. Thx again for your help.

    1. We were told that the countertop in the laundry room would match the kitchen's. I will be most upset if we unnecessarily paid extra money for granite in the laundry room.

      We have one tiny window in the basement and it's in a different location than the current RH floorplans. (see for ours and for current RH plans) I don't mind not having a window in the media room as we plan to make this the movie room and will have less light to shut out and one less window to worry about leaks. If you can swing it, I would recommend putting windows in the basement bumpout below the MR. I'm not sure if they will allow it or not since it messes with their foundation but worth a shot.

      Also, make sure the drywall team actually puts an arch in your luxury suite -- they forgot about ours and it's clearly in the plans. :|

      I'm not sure if you have a preference or not, but we wanted to have the morning room door and the basement walkout on the same side (so the deck would cover basement walkout). We were told we couldn't move the MR doors because the walls were pre-fabbed.

    2. P.S. I would also recommend installing the option sink in the laundry room -- this is extremely handy if you want to hand wash some clothes. I wish we would have done this.

  6. Hi Anj,

    They started framing the other day. Had a few delays due to bad weather. I noticed in the basement we only had 1 window with a finished basement so I questioned my PM. He stated we only get one window, so I am still dealing wit this issue, cause the floor plan states two windows with a morning room bump out. The arch in the owners suite is nice, so I will definitely keep an eye on that. The morning room door location works for us cause we have a walk up basement. I would have loved a sink in the laundry room, but I was told we cannot make any changes at this point. I will post images soon. Thanks again.

  7. What is the location of model 2?