Sunday, July 1, 2012

Barefootin' in the Dirt

Of course, we made another obligatory detour to the playground again, which had received a nice new layer of mulch.  With the recent unpleasantly hot weather, there was little time for baking in the sun playing; however, playtime was cut even shorter as the little one needed a bathroom and the model home had not opened yet.  So... down the street we went to the horrid stench box conveniently-placed portable toilet.  The heat shimmers were a good indication of the intensity of the pungent aroma we would encounter inside.  For the sake of the guys working on site, I surely hope a replacement comes soon...

Brand new noms for the termites
At first glance from across the street, it appears not much has happened since our last visit except for a smallish pile of dirt.  But of course, from the last post you know this not to be true.  So onward we go...
Can you see it yet?
The excavators found a few little surprises and judging by their placement, they won't be incorporated them into the landscaping.
Pebbles in the dirt
View from the driveway
Bare foot(er)
The house looks so tiny from way up here.
A few steps forward... why, hello there, soon-to-be stoop.
yup.  it's dirt.
party on!

The last Courtland sold prior to the transition to the Courtland Gate is almost finished.  We almost bought the adjacent lot but snagged 106 as soon as it was no longer on hold by another prospective buyer (I'm sorry, R!). We had permission to take a peek inside this beauty but the door was locked so I peared through the study window instead. The walls and crown molding were complete and it looks as though the next step might be the floors.
The last Courtland

We'll be back to check out the progress on the foundation walls.

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