Monday, July 2, 2012

Long Lunch ...with the Boss

I hadn't planned on visiting today but the hubs and our boss (Thanks, boss!) convinced me otherwise.  

Road Trip!  

Having anticipated a full day at the office, I was mildly disappointed that I would be making a trip without my trusty camera.  (Fortunately?) there was a truck parked in front so I wouldn't have been able to get a good POR shot anyhow.  I did, however, have my camera phone which actually takes quality images, even with the post-processing to downsample for optimal web viewing.  

Lesson of the Day:  Travel with a camera in case of impromptu visits to the site.

Just waiting on the driveway and the sod now...
Some assembly required.
Wow.  That's hard to see.  Oh, well, I'm posting it anyhow.
If the crew hadn't been onsite, I so would have gone up (and down) that dirt pile!
The walk-out opening is just beyond the 2x4.

By  the way, the grass is greener on the other side of the [silt] fence, especially when they have sod! 
The property line extends to the very end of the (vertical) silt fence. 

No tour of the Courtland today :( but I did get a picture of the back though.
Rear view of a Courtland, wrapped in Silver Mist siding (same color ours will be)

(EDIT:  For those interested in the Silver Mist siding, check out the Options & Selections page for the image below.  New images of the CG will also be posted there once the siding installation is complete)
Close up of the Silver Mist siding and Almond trim on the Courtland

The crew was still assembling the forms when we arrived so we couldn't stay for the concrete truck(s).  We did manage to snag a good lunch though.

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