Sunday, July 15, 2012

One week later...

One week later and my photos from another Courtland Gate model home have finally entered the blogosphere.  I didn't take quite as many pictures of this one since the majority of the house is very similar.  All of these (minus the one of the duct) are now available on the Model page with the other model photos.

Wet bar beneath the morning room
additional living space.  Note the lack of exit (no egress window, welled exit, or walkout) and the bulkhead for the HVAC duct
I'm not a huge fan of the way the foil looks in the basement but at least it's temporary, serves a purpose, will reflect much needed light in my dungeon, and coordinates well with my Aluminum Foil Deflection Beanie hat.  Our current house was unfinished and foiled when we bought it.  Prior to having most of it finished (storage area is unfinished), we sealed the interior walls and put up foam board insulation.  The nice thing is that we knew the shape the foundation was in, were able to add more waterproofing, and customize the layout.  For these pieces, I'll be excited after it's finished and yet I know I'll be loathing the construction phase.  In the interim, my daughter can ride her bike indoors during the winter.

We'll also have wood I-joists similar to what's in the picture below.  These may actually be from the same company as the ones for our RH house but I definitely know that they were made in Canada (because it's stamped on the plywood).

Instead of a media room, this area was left unfinished for massive amounts of storage
They sealed the ducts.  Nice!  My perfectionist side wished they used painter's tape so that it would have nice crisp edges.  ;)

I love this angle and I love, love the contrast of the white risers and balusters with the dark hardwood.
angled hallway from the foyer to the family room
Family room with lots of options
Mudroom bench (repeat)
Reinforced shelving in the kitchen pantry
Light cabinets + dark counter
The vaulted ceiling and large half round window in the morning room is just beautiful.  I am sad that I will not have those features but still grateful for a morning room.

Morning room (my bathroom will be directly above)

Secondary bathroom
Here is the long-awaited photo of the other side of the laundry room!  The cabinets should match the kitchen selection but you  might be able to get a nonstandard request for different cabinets.  You can also opt to put a utility sink below the smaller wall cabinet.
Hello, wonderful folding area!
View into the owner suite
Seeing the extra 2-foot bump and second walk-in closet really makes me wish we had opted for the third full bathroom (which would be private to bedroom 2).

RH won't bump out the bulkhead so that it's flush with the top of the column so we'll have to do that on our own.  The entry way to the room (above) and to the shower (below) are arched -- we may opt to make the half wall arched as well, assuming the price doesn't get ridiculous.
The dreaded column
small but cozy sitting room
My vanity
J's vanity
Beyond the archway to the left, is a towel bar--not too exciting but I did take a picture (not shown).  It's not a huge space but we could potentially put a shallow, narrow cabinet there.
The portal
for natural "reading" light

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