Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dungeon but no Dragon

We were kicked out of the office early granted paid leave so we headed back up to the house to find all of the forms stripped and no trucks--Yes! Another POR shot! Looks like we're on track for waterproofing on Thursday.

timid foundation walls peeking over the dirt

It's a good thing the exposed external walls will receive a coat of paint/sealant that mostly matches the siding.  Otherwise, we'd be out there with sidewalk chalk playing a game of Dots! 
i haz wallz
That little notch on the right is my sole basement window.  Let it be known that the other two windows shown in the floor plan are only available when you get a finished basement.  Oh well, lesson learned for the next house!  We'll just have to put extra lights in the dungeon basement when we finish it.  The good news is that our media room will be nice and dark without an escape hatch a window and we won't be blocking all of the sunlight when we put up the deck.  Lemonade, anyone?
wee window

insert door here please

Seeing how much space the double patio door is consuming on the longer of the two side walls below the morning room made me wonder how much of a wall will remain on the shorter wall in the morning room itself.  Again, I am grateful for the 'Last Courtland' because they have a similar layout (MR with family room extension) and there's really not that much space between the exterior walls.  Definitely doable but it'll be tight.  There's a longer interior wall that separates the MR from the family room extension so it won't look odd from the inside. 

For a glorious few seconds, I thought RH had surprised us by moving the walkout to the other side wall so it would align with the morning room doors.  Reality hit as I remembered we have a reverse plan.  (note to self, flip the floor plan images so I don't confuse myself again)

The patio door ate my wall!
rising from the dirt  #zombiehouse
 grr! argh!


  1. Grr Argh..might that be a Joss Whedon Mutant Enemy reference?

  2. I refer to my basement as the dungeon also! :-)

  3. We are glad that our basement only comes with one window and it's in the storage area! We don't have to worry about a glare on our TV!