Friday, July 27, 2012

Monsoon Season

Though meteorologically incorrect, it feels as though we are smack in the middle of monsoon season.  July is killing our schedule with all of this rain and heat and rain and rain!  It looks like we just missed the window for a dry build so as a fair warning to those seeking to build in the future, try to schedule your groundbreaking at the beginning of June or earlier if you can to avoid the summer storms.  

The weather, once again, interfered with progress so the trades weren't able to start this week.  The good news, per our PM, is that they'll be in early next week and we are still on target to have our pre-drywall walk-through the week of the 6th.  We're planning to have our real estate agent and a family friend, who is a certified building code official in another state, as extra sets of eyes.  I hope we can finalize the date and get on his calendar. 

If the little one is feeling up to it, we'll be making another road trip to the house this weekend to fill up the memory card!

And because I need a little color and some blue skies, here's a picture of the area taken earlier in the summer.  I grew up in a semi-rural area and seeing the farms and cornfields just makes me feel home again.  I am so going to love this little town!