Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Garble, translated

Apparently scuba diving while leaving a message is not recommended...
The only word I really needed in Friday's update was indeed permit.  The county took a little longer to approve the plumbing permit so that put things a little behind schedule.  Framing did begin yesterday (WOOT!) but because of the heat, they left a little early.  The temperature reached the triple digits this afternoon so I suspect they didn't stay too long today.  Our PM is hoping to have the trusses up on Friday and the house wrapped by Monday.  Given the heat, we may slide a few days.  I'll have to drop off a cooler of ice and bottled water the next time we make a lunchtime drive-by.  Despite the potential slip, the house may be completed earlier than anticipated (prior to mid-September).  Once the framing is complete, we'll have a better idea of where we are on the schedule. 

I like how our PM knows the names of the new homeowners and still talks to them.  He took some time out of his schedule to walk us around site today and answer a few questions:
  • We definitely will not have a drain in the basement. 
  • The water heater and HVAC unit will be clustered in the utility area.  The cutouts were actually for the support columns.  The steel I-beams and columns were in another lot so we missed them over the weekend--can't miss them now as they are up! 
  • The grading in the back will be leveled; the waterproofing line is incorrect and the exposed foundation walls will be painted to match the siding when they are almost ready to turn over the house.
The crew was pretty busy so I couldn't get the shots that I wanted but I'll just come back later. ;)  I was not expecting to see our windows and doors so I snapped a few pictures of those.

Working on the HVAC chase area (aka black triangle on the floor plan)
morning room door
Toilet room (WC) window and my only basement window
Round top hiding among the rest of the windows
my pretty, soon-to-be black, front door!
I hope I will be able to see them put up the trusses.  Heavy machinery is wicked cool!



    BTW--what website did you use to create the computerized floorplan? I would love to see how my selections intend to look. It's a great too!

    1. I'm excited about the transom and the extra light. Not so much about the sidelights because the dogs will spend too much time people watching.

      I've used PhotoShop for all of the images. I'd be happy to do something for you.

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    1. Thanks, Maria!
      P.S. Love your kitchen!!