Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rockin' It

Schedule Update:  Our house is apparently the slooooooooooooowest one to be built in the community so far so please don't use our timeline as a guide.  A little rain here and there and a permit delay really do impact the crew rotation and schedule.  It's amazing how fast these other two houses have popped up and caught up to us.  We're all going to have final walkthroughs in the same week!

We received our official notice that closing will be on 28 September! ... and we have a sidewalk and a walkway from the soon-to-be driveway to the porch.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Spending Money

We opted not to purchase the ceiling fans, fridge, and washer/dryer combo, and most of the lighting for distinct rooms directly through RH.  Now that we are in the clear to finally make some large purchases, we've been going on a controlled shopping spree.  Speaking of shopping sprees, Lowe's, Best Buy, and the Home Depot are offering $5K so don't forget to fill out those customer satisfaction surveys!

Tomorrow (Sunday), we head back out to the house to check out the progress since last week!  More pictures to come later!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Oooh, I'm tellin'

Sometimes it pays to be a tattletale...

I can't believe I almost forgot to post a follow-up from the Guardian incident(s).  While I won't go into detail about what transpired, I am happy to report that I am pleased with the way the GM handled the situation.  Not only will the GM be our POC at Guardian, but he also threw in some compensation without any prompting on my end.  Thanks, M, for handling this.

In my line of work, we go after consideration when a contractor fails to meet contractual requirements.  We're upfront with our contractors to let them know that they will fail (because our requirements are just that hard).  Once they get over the initial shock, we also tell them that we will work through the bumps because we do understand that it's difficult but they signed up for it and consideration may be sought.  The most important advice we have provided to them is that it's not how badly you fail but how you bounce back and resolve the issues.  Own it and move forward.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Locked In and already Locked Out!

Wow.  Within one week, the house exploded ... with goodies!  

(disclaimer:  photo-heavy post with commentary in the captions)

This weekend, we interrupted the the trim crew, who did not happen to be Eastern European or driving Audis.  I was able to get some pictures but stepped out to let them cause a minor dust storm sweep.  Little did I know that they would LOCK the doors!  We stopped by the model for the key and I took way too many window measurements and of course, more pictures!  (If you haven't already started researching the cost of blinds, holy cow can one burn instantly through the budget!)

We weren't able to lock in the mortgage rate the week of the pre-drywall meeting last week and missed out on a killer combo (3.25% with 1% help -or- 3.5% with 2.5% help).  Considering when we first started, the rate was at 3.875% and so locking in at 3.5% with 1.5% help is still pretty awesome.  This means cash in hand to finally buy some appliances (more on a future post) and to do some minor work on the current house.  

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Catching Up

Since I didn't post any house pictures from the Pre-Pre-Drywall Walkthrough, I'll mix them in with today's post, including some shots taken from the Pre-Drywall Walkthrough and this weekend's visit.  Everything passed inspection and drywall started this weekend; finishing and painting to occur this week; trim the following week; and final walkthrough is scheduled for 25 September!

Environmental Stoneworks delivery!  I can't wait to see the stone on the house and on the fireplace.  The PM has already marked the height of the stone in the front, including on the garage.  Seeing "Full Stone" spraypainted on the wrap cranked up my heart rate.  (I'm such a girl!)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Progressive GIF

just playing with software...

(Edit:  GIFs include new pictures from18 August 2012 -- with siding!)

Right now, the sizes are pretty large so it may take a while to load.  Clicking on the image or the link (front, rear) to open it in a separate window may kick-start the animation. Both images will now repeat.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Big sigh (of relief)

We are over the hump!  Our pre-drywall meeting was on Tuesday and we had minimal issues.  Most of our concerns were either already addressed or already noted for repair/replacement.  

  • No attic access panels in the bedrooms.  All will be in the attic
  • Garden tub - Access panel via vanity; water shutoff valve via vanity
  • Floodlight switches in respective bedroom and in morning room
  • No light switch for garage within the mud room
  • Bottom of fireplace exterior will have soffit panel
  • Flooring crew will sand down the OSB edges for a smooth subfloor
  • Hole between garage and basement will be parged
  • All gaps/hole to be filled (most were)
  • Locations of the hose bibs

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pre-Pre-Drywall Walkthrough

Another weekend, another trip out to the house.

We stopped by the model to announce our invasion of the house and just next door, our new neighbors were busily moving in (Congrats, Lot 141!).  Pretty soon we'll be dirtying up our clean floors too.  My daughter dropped off some cupcakes to our SR and while he was attending to customers, she checked out his fridge and asked me why they didn't have treats for Mr. B.  Good question, M, good question.

Last week, a particular employee of Guardian was (and still is) definitely not one of my favorite people and I shared my displeasure with the SR.  Apparently, he has worn out his welcome with my neighbors and with the SR as well with his not-so-stellar customer relations.  It's time for a change and my pen keyboard will be mightier than my sword pitchfork.  (Although, I would feel so much better if I could implement a behavior correction method a bit of wall-to-wall counseling.  Just sayin'.)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

BLAH! and some progress

I was not planning to visit the house today but I spent a part of my morning there trying to have a conversation with a person who obviously did not want to be there nor want to have anything to do with me.  I am irked beyond belief on so many levels.  I still want to give him a piece of my mind but that's because I held my tongue earlier.  I am right.  He is wrong (not just because I am the customer) and I really don't need to put up with his lousy attitude because he dropped the ball.  (No worries--it's not the PM or SR)