Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rockin' It

Schedule Update:  Our house is apparently the slooooooooooooowest one to be built in the community so far so please don't use our timeline as a guide.  A little rain here and there and a permit delay really do impact the crew rotation and schedule.  It's amazing how fast these other two houses have popped up and caught up to us.  We're all going to have final walkthroughs in the same week!

We received our official notice that closing will be on 28 September! ... and we have a sidewalk and a walkway from the soon-to-be driveway to the porch.


Our wonderful PM, T, returned from vacation this week so we received a surprise Tuesday update.  The trades would be in on Wednesday (today) and Thursday which means we had to make our way to the house to drop off our goodies.  

We met with T this morning and handed over the fans and lights and confirmed that the rough-in for the light in the sitting room was not present.  It's one of those things where you look and stare at the ceiling while you're there and it just never dawns on you that something's missing ... until several days later when you think about it and then you don't remember if you saw something or not and end up chastising yourself for not taking enough pictures because you can't verify with a photo.  (d'oh!)  Anyhow, it won't be an issue for the electrician to fix it.  Easy Peasy. 
Half of our plumbing fixtures that arrived in the mail yesterday (shower trim kits and tub faucet) were also dropped off at the house and the other half (vanity faucets) are still MIA.  I hope they come tomorrow but I'm starting to think they'll arrive on the 4th.  R, the awesome plumber, said he'll install them whenever we could get them to him.  He also shifted the pipes a few inches so the shutoff valves were no longer where the vanity drawers will go.  This also means that the vanity can finally be placed so that the tiling crew could lay our floors (today!). 

Speaking of tiling, the mud room was scheduled to be tiled today so if all went well, the bench was ripped out beforehand.  Speaking of missing things, the attic access in the fourth bedroom is now gone too!  You rock, T!

The exterior stone hasn't changed for some time now.  T said the siding crew got carried away and did a little too much and the Environmental Stoneworks crew didn't want to remove the siding themselves.  Now, we're just waiting for ES to fit us into their busy schedule.

OH, and best news of the day:  GRANITE!  It was installed yesterday and I love, love, love it!  There are so many variations of Santa Cecilia and we were so very worried that it would be far on the other side of the spectrum.  Not any more.  :)  Thanks so much, (Miss) R, for taking care of us!  I can't wait to see it with the tile backsplash!

Santa Cecilia


Mini Recap from the weekend:  (1) We met our awesome neighbor, G, and her sweet little Miss B.  (2) M finally picked her room -- the one in the back (BR#4) and consequently the largest of the other three bedrooms.  Her reasoning:  She prefers sunsets over sunrises.  That's my girl!


  1. The granite looks great. I love your daughter's reasoning for her room choice!

  2. It was great to meet you all! We have really lucked out getting such nice neighbors! Looks like the house is coming along beautifully!

  3. Love the granite! We also chose Santa Cecilia - I can't wait until it is installed. Congrats!

  4. The granite and cabinets look great together!! I know this is a big relief! This is the exact color I want for my kitchen. I love the gold undertone.

  5. I love the granite! Ha I have the same and I love it!!! I felt the same way because it could be way light and our area it is called St Cecilia LIGHT. But it came out great, good you had someone to look out for you...nothing to speak of in our area.