Sunday, August 26, 2012

Spending Money

We opted not to purchase the ceiling fans, fridge, and washer/dryer combo, and most of the lighting for distinct rooms directly through RH.  Now that we are in the clear to finally make some large purchases, we've been going on a controlled shopping spree.  Speaking of shopping sprees, Lowe's, Best Buy, and the Home Depot are offering $5K so don't forget to fill out those customer satisfaction surveys!

Tomorrow (Sunday), we head back out to the house to check out the progress since last week!  More pictures to come later!


Much of the lighting will already have potlights (kitchen, family room, hallways) which left us a little bit of free reign for the other rooms.  We'll get the standard bathroom and dining room fixtures in oil-rubbed bronze (via RH) to match the door hardware.  Below are the selections for ceiling fans in the bedrooms and the light fixtures that will be installed in the sitting room in the master bedroom and the study.  Still left to purchase are the light for the living room and a fan for the morning but we're going to sit on those for a bit until I figure out the decorating scheme.

I did fall in love with the designs of other fans but they were either much too large for the space or I could not justify the price.  The Battler, although the dome is simplistic, has an LED light, remote (keeps me from having to walk across the room in the middle of the night), and a reversible motor.  The Stratford has been discontinued so may be hard to find later but it does have a decent CFM and puts off more light than what's loosely represented in the image below. 

We went for a simple barrel light for the sitting room to keep the same feel of the Battler.  The study has a large 19-inch dome that will give off a decent amount of light.
52-inch "Battler" by Harbor Breeze
(Master Bedroom)
44-inch "Stratford" by Hunter
(Bedrooms 2-4)

(13-inch Barrel) flush mount by allen + roth
(Master Sitting Room)
19-inch Brentwood by Good Earth Lighting


First of all, I want to say that I had a most favorable shopping experience at Best Buy today, and saved $1,871.26 from list price on three appliances, with the largest savings (~42%) from the fridge.  Of course, that gets eaten up when you add in the vent kit, power cord, pedestals, and the extended warranties.  We wanted the Breakwater Blue for the washer/dryer but BB didn't have any in stock so we went with the less expensive white and still saved $451 which more than covered the pedestals.  Because of current sales and price matching, a 10% moving coupon, and some saved up rewards points, we snagged some good prices.  This should help offset the cost of the additional faucets and such for the bathrooms...

Samsung 7.3 cu. ft. dryer
Samsung 3.7 cu. ft. washer
Samsung 28 cu. ft. 4-door fridge
My daughter re-affirmed my desire/need to get the 4-door fridge as she was jumping to get a drink out of the door.  That middle drawer is going to be perfect.


Some of you may already know that we were unable to get oil rubbed bronze plumbing fixtures for bathrooms.  We've asked that the plumbers not install the Moen Brantford (brushed nickel) ones we purchased through RH and install our separately purchased Moen Eva (ORB) ones instead.  We're also asking RH to not install the towel rods or the toilet paper holders as well.  Everything brushed nickel will find it's way to our current house to update the existing fixtures there.  Fortunately, the existing ones are also Moen.  Below is an image of one of the Eva faucets -- which are darker than shown.
Moen Eva Centerset 2-handle faucet


  1. Good job, and happy shopping, enjoy yourselves!!!

  2. I love the faucets and I love the Samsung fridge with the 4th drawer! Great selections, AnJ!

  3. Thanks! :) Half of our plumbing order came in today. Hopefully the faucets will arrive tomorrow!!

  4. Love all the goodies!!! They just started offering the Courtland Gate in our neighborhood...or how did we over look it. We love the floor plan! So much fun seeing it all come together!