Sunday, September 2, 2012

'shrooms and truffles

The vanity faucets finally arrived so another trip was made this weekend -- not that we really needed an excuse to see the house again.  Not much has changed to exterior except the addition of a driveway, doorbell, and some exterior lights.  The interior, however, is another story.  We have electricity, which means the lights and the AC are on!  The attic is still rather toasty but that might be because the access doors were open and one of the vents was covered (hoping that's the case!).  

As for the tiling, most of it is complete but still left to do are the powder room floor and the kitchen backsplash.  This means the plumber can start putting in the faucets and shower trims soon.  Our awesome PM also surprised us with ordering bronze accessories (versus the brushed nickel); the toilet paper holders were installed last week along with all of the closet/pantry shelving.  

Along with the exterior lights (flood lights, door lights), the electrician(s) hung our separately purchased fans and lights as well as the RH-supplied dining room chandelier and some of the bathroom lights.  The vanity lights are slightly different from some of the ones I've seen posted so that was a (nice) surprise as well.  (edit:  lights are "Renovations" by Progress Lighting)  We were told one of the fan globes was broken so we replaced it with the new one.  The store only had white versus amber but it's not that big of a deal.  I have no idea what the foyer light will look like and am excited to see it hopefully by next weekend.  We also tested out a bunch of the switches to see which controls what lights.

Neighbor update
  • Lot 110:  Siding is going up
  • Lot 116:  The foundation walls are up!  Because of the slope in the back, they'll have an egress window in the basement.
  • Lot 123:  It looks as though they'll have their walkthrough the day before us.  Their Ravenna is looking great!
  • Lot 140:  I met another young couple, A & C, and their two little ones.  They close next week!
Lot 116 (F) and Lot 123 (R)

M wanted to unlock the door
arch completed; still waiting for the rest of the railing
motion sensor NOT tacked into the foundation (yay!)
Gaurdian panel
Dual electrical panels (with lots of room to expand)

floodlight and Lot 110 with the scaffolding in the background
outside the walkout basement -- which reminds me, I forgot to look at the one outside of the morning room...
M's room minus one attic access and plus one ceiling fan
Dining room chandelier (still wrapped)
Powder room light
Secondary bathroom light (aka M's bathroom)

Tile:  Mushroom and Truffle Field
no bench!  :)
mud room tile (Mushroom w/ Pale Umber grout)
powder room (sans Mushroom tile.  I wonder if they'll tile it (per change order) or if it will be hardwood)
master water closet (Truffle Field w/ Navajo Brown grout )
can't wait to test this out!
this one too!
Not looking forward to sealing the grout here (or the listello)
close-up of the gorgeous listello (Wisteria Tortoise)
Thinking of blue-gray walls (haven't picked the right hue yet) and adding smoky green accents/accessories to pick up the colors in the listello.  The wall color will also complement the brown tones in the main tile (Truffle Field).

More Granite!
the only two granite supports in the kitchen (the island does not have any.  woot!)
can anyone guess what's on the island?  ;)
love the contrast (minus the compound on the drawer)
Santa Cecilia with natural light

The blueprints (don't worry, T, they are still on the island!) listed the gross square footage based on various options and elevations.  I'm curious to see how well they match up with the official appraisal but holy cow, I did not realize the house was this large!  I'm still in shock.  The hubby wants a moat now...


  1. Everything looks great! I'm glad they were able to hang the ceiling fans and chandelier for you. I'm hoping they'll be nice enough to hang ours too when we get to that point.

  2. I am insanely jealous of that shower. That was one of the things we didn't like about RH -- no options for luxury showers. Glad they are going there with their newer floorplans, but, damn, wish we could have gotten that in our Waverly!

  3. WJ, ditto on the shower heads, who DOESNT want two shower heads......Im super jealous too!!!

  4. I think I replied in separate post (it's been forever that I don't remember) but RH is no longer offering the dual-headed shower and corner benches in the Courtland Gate. It looks more like the typical shower: single head with long bench.

    btw, thanks for the shower compliments! This will be my first time using a multi-headed shower so definitely a treat!