Wednesday, August 1, 2012

BLAH! and some progress

I was not planning to visit the house today but I spent a part of my morning there trying to have a conversation with a person who obviously did not want to be there nor want to have anything to do with me.  I am irked beyond belief on so many levels.  I still want to give him a piece of my mind but that's because I held my tongue earlier.  I am right.  He is wrong (not just because I am the customer) and I really don't need to put up with his lousy attitude because he dropped the ball.  (No worries--it's not the PM or SR)

So anyhow, I was able to see the house briefly.  The HVAC guys looked like they finished up yesterday (or Monday).  The plumbers had started fitting the pipes.  The electricians had most of the housings in for the recessed lighting and the receptacles but they were still working strong at 0900.  The Guardian crew was there and were a fraction of the way complete.  I'm not thrilled with the idea of them damaging the foundation wall just to attach a motion detector.  Why not just nail in a scrap 2x4 into a floor joist above and attach it there?  It's just temporary until the basement is finished...

The shingles are still bundled on the roof ridge line and with the recent storms passing through, it just all went down the stairwells and into the basement.  Because of the rush job of said disgruntled person above and because I needed to get to work, I didn't have time to take pictures or measure the pool of standing water.  It must have been roughly half an inch.  If it rains much more, it's going to take forever to dry out the house.  I need the roofers up there ASAP or I'm going to have a swimming pool for a basement.  Well, shoot, I might as well have them install one of those countercurrent swimming machines...

In other news, our NVR Mortgage loan officer has been awesome.  She and my husband have been trading e-mails these last few days and working on what's the best rate to balance out the down payment and the monthly mortgage payment.  We'll have two mortgage payments for a bit and need to update our current house before selling it so it'll have to be a decent trade-off.


I'm still not happy.  W, you're seriously on my brown list!
(Yes, I actually have this pad.  I mostly use it for fun at work but this latest entry is genuine.)

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  1. Wow - that notepad is amazing. I need one to keep in my purse.