Sunday, August 12, 2012

Catching Up

Since I didn't post any house pictures from the Pre-Pre-Drywall Walkthrough, I'll mix them in with today's post, including some shots taken from the Pre-Drywall Walkthrough and this weekend's visit.  Everything passed inspection and drywall started this weekend; finishing and painting to occur this week; trim the following week; and final walkthrough is scheduled for 25 September!

Environmental Stoneworks delivery!  I can't wait to see the stone on the house and on the fireplace.  The PM has already marked the height of the stone in the front, including on the garage.  Seeing "Full Stone" spraypainted on the wrap cranked up my heart rate.  (I'm such a girl!)

8/7 - not 1, not 2, but 3 orders of stone (says so on the box) ;)

Not much has changed to the exterior except for the surprise on the side (more later) and the spraypaint.  The driveway, however, is now sporting a giant bundle.  Yep, it's our siding!!  Some of the fascia and soffit panels are in the garage.
8/11 - View from the playground

Peaking over the ridge is the top of the concentric vent to the furnace.  Short version:  inner tube exhausts out the top.  Outer tube is for the combustion air -- intake below the cap (like mushroom gills).  I'm really liking the faux "weathered wood" shingles.  Good thing too since we didn't have a choice on the color.
8/11 - Roof hat/mushroom

What else is new?  (1) Drywall!  The drywall crew was in on Saturday so we didn't go inside (other than the basement).  I did manage to peak through the windows to see a whole lot of sheets up on the first floor and on the ceiling of the morning room. (2) Insulation.  You can see where they stopped (since there's no longer living space on the other side).  (3) Gable vent.  Temporary placement, of course.  (4) Garage steps.  They're a little rough but hey, it's the garage.  (Still might replace/pretty them up in the future)
8/11 - our gable vent is "up"

8/7 - better than the bucket!

8/4 - guess where this leads?
I don't think we'll be fitting much else in here.
8/4 - nothing but furnace
This is the soggy HVAC line.  Notice the frayed end of the strap -- it was that heavy and full of water.  The register for this vent is in the floor of the attic, so naturally, when it rained (prior to the shingles), the water just poured in.  A small OSB cover can only deflect so much water.  This entire line should have been completely stripped and replaced.  (and yes, it dripped on me)
8/4 - rain, sometimes I despise thee
Speaking of raindrops falling on my head, check out the shower.  (please don't leak, please don't leak...)
8/7 - (insane in the) membrane

8/4 - I don't mind being banished to this corner
Uncle C pointed this out during the pre-drywall walkthrough.  He said a master electrician would know better than to twist the Romex and bend it like that.  Let's hope he's right and it was a junior electrician and not the master.  The orange pipe is part of the sprinkler system.
8/7 - twisted
Evidence of PM awesomeness:  Look how easy it's going to be change these bulbs!  One of the floodlight bulbs in my current house is still burnt out for a reason.  I guess that means I might have to borrow a ladder before I sell the house.  Drat.
8/4 - even a T-rex can change these bulbs
I have two cardboard boxes!!!  These two A/C units (condensers) are sitting on metal frames which are bolted to the foundation.  Just beyond them is what appears to be the natural gas line.  I only know this because it connects to both furnaces, water heater, and fireplace.
8/11 - twin chillers

8/11 - new gas lines
I found this lone shoeprint on the wall.  Guys are goofy.
8/11 - wall jumping fail

P.S.  I added a new progressive photo of the front in the previous post.

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  1. Don't you just love those moments during construction when your heart rate is cranked up in a good way?!?!

  2. So sorry I missed you today! I cannot believe I hurt my leg...ugh. Just looked thru the clothes and they are super super cute! Thx soooo much!!!

    1. No worries! I know where you live!!!

      Hope the leg is better and I'll try to get another batch to you this weekend.