Monday, August 20, 2012

Locked In and already Locked Out!

Wow.  Within one week, the house exploded ... with goodies!  

(disclaimer:  photo-heavy post with commentary in the captions)

This weekend, we interrupted the the trim crew, who did not happen to be Eastern European or driving Audis.  I was able to get some pictures but stepped out to let them cause a minor dust storm sweep.  Little did I know that they would LOCK the doors!  We stopped by the model for the key and I took way too many window measurements and of course, more pictures!  (If you haven't already started researching the cost of blinds, holy cow can one burn instantly through the budget!)

We weren't able to lock in the mortgage rate the week of the pre-drywall meeting last week and missed out on a killer combo (3.25% with 1% help -or- 3.5% with 2.5% help).  Considering when we first started, the rate was at 3.875% and so locking in at 3.5% with 1.5% help is still pretty awesome.  This means cash in hand to finally buy some appliances (more on a future post) and to do some minor work on the current house.  

Accomplishments since last week:
  • Drywall (hung, taped, mudded, sanded)
  • First coat of paint/primer
  • Interior doors hung
  • Siding, Soffits, Fascia
  • Shutters
  • Gutters & Downspouts (except porch downspout)
  • Porch (cement poured)
  • Exterior Stone - partial completion
  • Fireplace - stoned
  • Cabinets placed (kitchen, bathroom vanities)
  • Backerboard in shower
  • Electricians moved:
    • fireplace switch down
    • laundry room socket up
    • twisted Romex off potlight (and untwisted cable)
  • Replaced entire water-damaged duct & scoped others
  • Drywalled entire closet in attic
  • Most of the stair rails and ballusters are up

  • Remove?? attic access in bedroom #4 ceiling (I can live with it)
  • Remove Mud room bench
  • Replace Gouged kitchen cabinet door
  • Master bathroom vanity debacle (I exaggerate)
  • Replace ripped trimwork on stairs
  • Replace cracked balluster
  • Fix cracked step

  • This week:
    • Drywall Point-up (retouching)
    • Paint (second coat)
  • Next week:
    • Floors (tile too?)
    • Maybe granite install (not sure but likely if plumbers to come in later in the week)
    • Trades return
* The Timeline page has been updated with the current schedule and progressive GIFs.


The garage makes it look huge. yikes.
We had to wait until the crew left to get the very first picture with the garage door down.
The center stonework cannot be started until the columns are up.  Check out our porch slab -- definitely will need at least one step.

Porch sans 4 columns and metal roof (still currently shingled)
potlights on the porch since the double columns would hide any wall-mounted lights.

First Floor Stuffs
Fireplace is done!
The switch for the fireplace was higher than the switch for the eyeball lights.  It wasn't moved until after the drywall went up so you can see just how much they had to drop it.  The hole should be patched this week.
I asked them to move it down so it would be symmetrical with the other switch.  ;)

The evil bench made an appearance ... and will need to be removed.  Does anyone else think I'm crazy being a little too picky about this?
The dust hadn't settled yet (the crew swept before packing up)
Almost ready for counters!!!
I never really paid attention to how shallow these cabinets are.  I'll take the extra space any day!


Stairs n' Stuff

It's incredibly difficult to predict the little differences between elevations and options without first seeing the model that has everything that you want.  Two-story foyers have a flush wall from the two elevations I have seen (A and E).  Single-story foyers or ones that require steps to the attic apparently do not.  There will be a 4-inch bump so I guess I won't be easily centering any large item on the back wall.  Minor inconvenience.
Pretty!!  and the unexpected 4-inch bump.
Living Room (and our first coat of paint/primer)

love the scroll :)

drywall and handrails down to the basement.  The bucket on the left already has some blue tape ready for me!

left window has a decent scratch; right has two with one running the entire width on the external pane. :(
There's a bitty chair rail too.
Tilt-in windows, baby!  (Not that I will be cleaning them an awful lot but if I did...)
The left window won't close in the attic - tilt latches are raised on both sides

The drywall is a little wavy -- I'm guessing the sheets are bowing since there aren't any cross braces to screw into.
The closet extends all the way to the right (I'll not post a picture of the closet interior though)
Railings in attic were stashed in the garage (along with a bag of puppy chow)

The attic was insulated with a light and cheery yellow.  Oddly (or perhaps not), I am reminded of Tribbles.  For all you non-Trekkies or Trekkies who want to reminisce, check out this YouTube video...
Billions of micro chicks have invaded the attic crawl space!!

Miscellaneous Second Floor Stuff
Transfer grilles will be installed over the bedroom doors.  I can't decide if I like them in their current position or if I prefer to have them centered between the crown molding and the door casings.  Either way, they'll stay this way.  It sure does make extra work for the trim crew though.

crown, interrupted
The laundry room cabinets match the kitchen (Wyoming Square, Cherry Bordeaux).  The electricians did move up the electrical outlet.  The stud is centered on the wall so I can't center the outlet.  (Am I obsessed with symmetry or what?).  The trim crew did cut out a hole inside the cabinet for the outlet.  Not sure if that one will be live.  If not, I'll have an unnecessary hole. :(   I would have preferred that the cabinets have functional drawers (versus faux) because I'm pretty certain I'll have a need for a junk drawer (or two).  :P
laundry room cabinets
The attic access panel also made an unexpected appearance in bedroom #4.
edit: panel has been removed

Model house (standard plan) with shutoff access via vanity
with reverse plan, vanities need to be reversed as well.
  or else this happens:
drawers interfere with shutoff valves and sink placement
edit: water lines have been shifted and all is well
Model (standard plan):  cabinet is flush with tub surround

Reverse plan:  drawers also interfere with the access panel and also too big of a gap.  If panel is moved up, will need to stretch to reach the electrical outlet against the back wall.
edit: bump out added; hole to be cut through vanity cabinet

Backerboard for tile does not extend far or high enough.  (see model photos above for reference)
edit: tile will extend

Precision cuts.  ;)


  1. i so feel ya on the symmetry!! but its coming along nicely! i keep looking at others options for locking their rate, and we were given ONE option. it seemed great so we took it without question...and no it didn't include any additional help in closing for cash on hand for us either lol but the rate was awesome (3.25%) so we can't complain

    1. Yay! I'm not the only one. My husband says I'm selectively OCD.

      3.25% is indeed awesome. Did they say something like "this is the current rate" and left it at that or were they adamant that this was your only choice? Likely the former? -- I've found if you don't ask, they won't volunteer additional information.

  2. Love the trekkie's video, cute touch!! I think your house is the first house with the finished attic on the blog since I have been hanging out here. It's a lovely option! There is a lot going on with the bathroom that I am sure they will fix.

    BTW: I love the cabinets in the laundry room and the exterior colors of your house!

    You are giving me ideas about the kitchen cabinets, because we do have one side that are just panels; however, not sure of the spacing from front to back. If there is usable space, I am adding this job to my honey-to-do list! I'll take the extra space any day, too. lol

    1. I've been stretching my Googling skills to the limit trying to find another blog with an attic and failing miserably. We fell in love with the attic at another community and I can't for the life of me remember which model it was. When it popped up as an option where we're building now, we jumped on it. I hear the Waverly also has an attic option but may not be offered depending on the zoning.

      I'd love to take the credit but my husband loves cherry wood so he got cherry for the kitchen and the laundry matches by default. Our exterior color palette was a happy accident. Since we already had neighbors on either side and across the street, our selections were limited and definitely not our first choice. We had to use one of the pre-approved designer's color scheme. I'm not sure if it's a HOA or RH thing but either way, I'm loving how it looks now. So I guess in a long-winded way, I just want to say THANKS!

      I hope you have extra room for them. If you do, please post when it's on your honey-done list. ;)

  3. It's looking great! I cannot believe someone painted naughty things on your wall! I must say that it did give me a good laugh...although I am sure if it were my house, I wouldn't be laughing...haha Also, the puppy chow bags are what the plumbing fixtures come in...that is what T told me when I asked whose dogs were wondering around. :) He said he had no clue why they come in that bag, but they always do.

    I am loving your exterior with the combo of colors. The shutters really are a great contrast with the siding and stone... Hopefully I will get a chance to meet you all soon-my leg is MUCH better! :)