Monday, June 25, 2012

Update: Permit Pending

PM sent a note that the permits haven't come through yet so we may not be able to start on Wednesday.  Keep your fingers crossed that this little town will have some good news for us soon!

While we're waiting, here are two more shots of the playground.  I'm in love with the gazebo and the playground is fun, despite the lack of swings.  I can't get over the HUGE open area beyond the playground.

I <3 you, gazebo

Fun for mommies too!


  1. You know what would make that playground even better for mommies? A bar. And a bartender.

    What, just me?

    1. Wet bar in the gazebo? There's potential there!

  2. Gorgeous Gazebo! The wet bar is a stretch but there would be some happy mommies at the park! lol

  3. Super jealous! I wish we had a playground!