Saturday, June 2, 2012

Floor Plans

Reverse Plan with our options

The community originally offered the Courtland, which was replaced by the Courtland Gate (CG). We were pleasantly surprised to see the addition of a luxury owner's suite, an attic, and a second-floor laundry room. Shortly after finalizing our selection, the CG was removed and replaced by the Rome. We're currently the only CG in the community and kind of like it that way.

We opted to do the 4-foot extension on the family room and add the morning room, which translated to a larger basement and the ability to add the luxury owner's suite, which also meant a larger laundry room. Our other options included a fireplace in the family room; side windows in the bedrooms 2 and 4, living room, and family room; and a gourmet island in the kitchen. Check out the Options & Selections page for a more comprehensive list of options, including cabinets and flooring.


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  2. That's funny, ours was the last Courtland in our community and they just changed it to the Courtland Gate. I wonder why they do that. I'm jealous that you have a mud room AND a laundry room. That's my biggest complaint about the Courtland is the size of the laundry room.

    1. When we first saw the Courtland plan, one of the negatives was a first-floor laundry room. (I promise not to post too many pictures of our laundry room!) Our SR told us that because the Courtland had enough significant changes, they are retiring it and using the Courtland Gate instead. Any community that had a Courtland will now have a Courtland Gate. There were too many Courtlands in our community and they went with a another model what was comparable in size/features. RH seems very sensitive about building "cookie cutter" communities.

  3. Just found the blog. So interesting about the changes in floorplans. We also considered the Courtland (not Gate) and one of the downsides for us was that small combo laundry/mudroom. Cool to know that RH is updating. The CG looks awesome. Looking forward to following your build!