Friday, June 22, 2012

Miscellaneous Friday

It's Friday (for another hour at least)!  Once construction officially begins, our PM will provide updates every Friday.  I was hoping to hear that our permit passed the plans review stage today but alas, we must wait some more.  However, we did get a nice update from our SR stating that our last minute (minor) change orders went through without any resistance. Yay!

Glass inserts in kitchen cabinetry.
We noticed many kitchens with glass inserts in the cabinets over the hood/vent and finally got around to asking about them.  So for all you highly organized people who love to show off your cabinet contents or those who are curious, this one's for you!  If you opt for the built-in cooktop and wall oven, you're more than likely to get this as a standard feature. (disclaimer:  check with your SR early to make sure this is an option in your community and/or house plan)  

Supplemental plumbing fixtures (& accessories)
Wow.  I priced out the replacement oil-rubbed bronze fixtures and accessories.  Hefty!

CG Model Let Down
I was excited about the prospect of getting some additional photos of another CG model home.  This one has a luxury owner suite but with a different elevation and no attic; it's still the closest to our floor plan.  I haven't heard back regarding the photos so I tracked down the SR for another community and am very disappointed with the way things transpired.  I suppose that's my own fault for divulging too much information because now that she knows that I am building elsewhere and no longer a prospective customer, I won't be getting any photos from her.  She did, however, tell me I was welcome to come and take pictures of my own. :|  I suppose I *could* go out of my way to visit.  Two states away isn't that big of a deal, right? 

Point of Reference Shot Rust Marks the Spot
Nothing is likely to happen over the weekend--well, at least to our lot--so we'll probably not make the trek out to the community this weekend.  (Sorry, no cookies this time, B!)  While we were out there for the pre-construction meeting on Monday, I snagged a few shots including this awesome one of my oh-so-stylish shoes.  Does anyone else want to walk barefoot in my neighbor's lush green grass too?

Meet Rusty, my assistant for the POR shots.
POR rev0
As I start getting more POR shots, I might turn them into an animated gif so you can see the progress.  Let's hope I can maintain the right angle. 

As you can see, RH is making progress on Lot 105.  The framing for the second floor is complete or at least the exterior walls.  The trusses and windows were delivered last week so there should be lots more to see at my next visit.  And here you thought I was blogging about Lot 106--I am so anxious that I need to blog for the house next door!  With neighbors on both sides, I wonder where they'll put the materials for our house.

>>Squished<< (but not really)
106 is long and narrow but we should have 14'-15' from the exterior walls to the side property lines.  Seeing the lot from this distance makes it seem like such a tight squeeze.

Public Safety Announcement Window Paranoia
My husband shakes his head at me every time I dart across a room at night in front of a window.  I can't help it.  If it's dark out and the lights are on inside, the curtains and blinds must be drawn.  Have you ever walked by a house at night?--you can see everything inside!  A friend of mine had a horrible incident with a Peeping Tom and now I'm damaged just plain paranoid particular about windows.  Plus I don't want to be able to easily see into anyone's house from inside mine.  Never mind that we added a bunch of option windows.

Nuts?  My husband thinks so.

Looking at this picture, I am somewhat relieved at the lack of side windows on the neighboring houses. Their first floors are windowless on the sides and there won't be any windows facing our master bedroom.  Oh happy day!


One of these days, you'll get to read a post by the other half of the "we" and "us" in this blog.  I wouldn't hold your breath though.


  1. I can't believe they wouldn't take pictures for you! You are still a customer! How rude!

  2. I would ask your SR to work with the other SR (super rude?) and see if they can get the pictures for you.

  3. I second Thomas' idea of getting your SR involved. I went to models in other communities and the SRs were still very helpful even though they knew I was buying elsewhere. I hope your SR can help and get you some picture of the model.

  4. LOL on the windows. I'm also particular. Who wants to live in a fishbowl? We actually debated about putting windows on the side of our house for the same reason (LR and DR). The neighbors are pretty close. We ended up doing the LR so we get the light, but skipped the DR side windows. For some reason it particularly bothered me to be on display while hosting a dinner. (Oh, also that was less money we had to spend)

  5. We didn't pay for any extra side windows. We have a great amount of space between neighbors but I still didn't want to pay extra to stare at the side of their houses! Our house only has one side window because it came standard. It's in the master bedroom on the second floor. It faces our neighbor who has a ranch, so we aren't even looking at the side of their house or into any of their windows! We don't have, and will never have, anyone behind us. I told my husband that I might not even want window treatments in our family room and morning room! I love the view and all the light!

  6. I just visited a Courtland Gate in another community this weekend and took a ton of pictures. I believe it did have the master suite upgrade (it had a little sitting area). I will be posting them sometime this week, but I can email them to you if you want them sooner. Let me know! It was sooo nice!

    1. Forget the gazebo, I heart you! I will wait (impatiently) to see your photos in a new blog post. It'll be like Christmas in July! Mind you, I would rather not wait until July...

      Was the master bathroom over the morning room and the sitting area just outside the bathroom? #supergiddy

    2. Yes, the master bath was over the morning room with the sitting area just outside of the bathroom. I was kind of bummed bc I like that master bath layout better than ours (Courtland). The master bedroom is HUUUGE! I also like the kitchen layout better in your CG. We literally bought the last Courtland in our community before they switched it to the CG layout! I'm a little bit jealous of you :).

    3. Sweet! (pun intended)
      I'm judging by the bumpout, the model also had a second walk-in closet and a private bath for bedroom 2. That's the only way to get that extra space but it comes with a hefty price tag. I'm assuming that's because of the structural change to the roof over the garage.

      I'm a "lot" of bit jealous of your 1.5 acres but then I think about mowing and then not so much. I hope I won't notice the change from a flat 0.33 to a graded 0.26 acres so much.

  7. Thanks for the support, guys. I don't like to poke (too much) but I did re-engage the consultant and asked the SR for assistance. Hopefully I won't have to make the trip but I just might need to put some extra mileage on the car.

    A caution to all you newbies who haven't selected a floor plan yet -- If you want to see a model or other houses being built and don't want to wait a wee bit longer for permit approval, I would highly recommend that you not select a brand new plan. However, if you are patient and aren't as obsessive, then you'll be just fine!

  8. I didn't want to waste an entire post for just this update so here it is: The consultant said the SR would be taking the pictures soon. She also found another model house in another community. The RH website is definitely not current so it's making it difficult to track down these places. BUT thanks to rock star Colette, I am getting a sneak peek of CG model. Check out her blog at !