Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Lot to Love

 Welcome to Lot 106! 

We're located at the top of the hill so the neighbors' roof lines shouldn't interfere too much with our sunset view.  (Fingers crossed!)  The breeze that comes up our hill is awesome.
The lot will have a slight grade and then drop near the end.  It's still a 1/3 1/4 acre so I can't complain.

View from the playground.  I have a feeling I will be here.  A lot.
Our neighbor's lumber arrived last week!  This means they're one step closer to breaking ground on our lot.  Woot!


  1. I like that gazebo, that will be nice!

  2. The gazebo is a bonus! Very nice Colette!!

  3. The gazebo is HUGE! I will admit that I've tested out every piece of playground equipment except for the fireman pole -- never been a huge fan. I wish they had a swing set but I suppose I can't be too picky because now I don't have to build something in the backyard. ... Do you think there'd be any ordinances against building a climbing wall on the side of a deck? ;)