Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Blue skies

Here's a special treat--an early post during the week!  The last time the boss-man came out to visit (Long Lunch ...with the Boss) was back in July so he's been long overdue!  Thanks, B, for coming out today!

Scaffolding?  What scaffolding?  The exterior stonework is complete and it looks awesome!  I can see my porch!!  I am still annoyed that I cannot physically move the dumpster that is obstructing my POR shot (me = massive weakling).  I need a new image to add to the progressive gif!  #pout   The last two shutters still need to go up but the carriage lights by the garage have been installed ... and holy cow, I just noticed from the picture that the garage has been cleaned too! 

blue skies, smiling at me...

my metal porch roof - is it supposed to be shiny or dull?
When we arrived, the yard was being graded.  Disturbed soil = dirty shoes and of course all of the protective coverings on the floors were already removed.  Most of the hardwood floor was relatively clean and then three pairs of shoes added to the dusty footprints.  (Once we move in, I swear I am going to have a basket of booties or slippers at every entrance and chase after everyone with a soft cloth broom.)  The carpet maggots have also disappeared although I suspect they'll multiply in mass quantities following a future carpet-angel-making episode (or two)...

The paper and tape were finally removed from the french doors and my, they are glorious!  You can also see the reflection of our foyer light in the transom.

The stairs aren't quite done yet but the stain matches fairly well with the floor.  The quarter-round trim, on the other hand, is somewhat vibrant against the kitchen cabinets and the contrast is even worse against the espresso cabinets in the bathroom.  I'm thinking we're going to have to darken those puppies just a wee bit.

cherry trim + espresso cabinet = yikes!
The attic still has some rough edges.  Literally.  There's a noticeable hump in the floor, someone stepped on the furnace drip pan and flattened an edge, and then there's the column for the railing.  Um, please try again?
carpentry fail
This little nugget of goodness brought a smile to my face.  I like to coordinate stuff--as if my intense desire to have oil-rubbed bronze faucets to match the door hardware and light fixtures wasn't enough to tip you off, I figured you could use a statement of the obvious.  The object of my excitement is none other than an ORB electrical outlet, coverplate and all.  I am so coordination-crazy that I intend to spraypaint our floor registers in faux ORB too.  (store-bought ORB registers are $$!)

With all of the cleaning going on in the house, the granite was finally unveiled (along with installation of the dishwasher) and ooh-la-la!  Here's a couple more photos for those that ordered or are contemplating Santa Cecilia.

lovin' me some St. Cecilia

Neighbor update:  Lot 116 has been backfilled and most of the excess dirt is on the opposite end of the property.  Lot 123, I would imagine is getting the royal cleaning treatment, similar us.  I really just wanted to post another picture of that BLUE sky!  Enjoy.
Lot 116 (F) and Lot 123 (R) as seen from the master bedroom


  1. Sooooo jealous of all of your hardwood. Looks amazing!

  2. Can't wait for you all to move in!!

    1. Less than a week! We'll be at the house tomorrow morning for the final walkthrough and inspection. Can we drop off the last batch of clothes and pick up the plastic tubs? (remind me to give you or P. my e-mail address)

    2. Oh, sorry, I just saw this! How did the walk-thru go? Are you still in the area? Pete is at home...

  3. You know how you said on another blog you found the levelor blinds at JCPenney for $55? I can only find them for $110. Can you help me out with a link to what you found? Thanks!

    1. Sorry!!!... the ones at JCPenney aren't Levolor at all :( which might explain why they are inexpensive. Here's the link to the NON-Levolor shades: http://www.jcpenney.com/dotcom//blinds-shades/top-down-bottom-up-cordless-cellular-shade/prod.jump?ppId=176d39e&catId=cat100260228&subcatId=cat100260213&deptId=dept20000011&

      (Many thanks to my neighbor Gaylen for telling me about them!)